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Things I'm selling. :3

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Jul. 25th, 2007 | 02:08 pm
music: "Butterfly Collector" Garbage

Photos and all. ^.^;;
I'm going to post this in egl, tomorrow I think. ^.^;; Maybe tonight. x.x

Paypal, only please.
I prefer to ship USPS priority, but I will ship cheeper at request.
Please ask for insurance, or track. You'll have to pay the extra.
I'm in the US, I like shipping in the US.
I'll ship to Canada, but I don't really want to ship worldwide. If you make a good offer I will.
I'm open to trades of brand socks, or blouses, but I prefer money.
Make an offer, but please be reasonable.
If you buy more than one thing I'll give you a discount on shipping.
Ask any questions you want.

Pink and Gold Meta Tank

Never worn, NWT, I took it out of its plastic, held it up, signed and put it back it. (my chest keeps growing ;.;)
Link to Meta's page.
I think it will fit a 34" bust max. ^.^

Blue Set.


Shown together
Just the Tank Top
Cuff detail
Cute set I pulled together. I bought the top, and bolero, and made the skirt.
30"-36" bust, very stretchy.
26"-34" waist. (will stretch up to 40")
19.5" long

Black small parasol

With Flash
This had 4 really pretty black roses, and lots of black lace.
Due to its shape shipping will be a little bit more.
The radius is 15.5".

White handmade Blouse

Sorry about the flash my camera was being picky.
35" bust, but I would suggest under 34"
Made for a sewing class.
Has heart lace around the collar, and little white heart buttons.
I made this before my bust grew ;.; I just want someone else who can wear it have it.
Its very cute on someone. I used a Gosu Rori pattern.

Angel Skirt
Navy, and white.
Waist 26" - 32" (suggested 26"-28")

RTBU Angel Cutsew
Black net, on top of black jersey.
Worn a few times. Detachable sleeves. Angel wings on back.
Lots of stretch. More photos if you ask.
Bust 33" - 38" (suggest 36")
Waist 25"- 30"

Black, and polka dot skirt Plus size
Handmade by me, very very nice.
And very full. Cotton lace trim.
Fully surged. Half elastic waist band.
Min waist 33" (can be made smaller for $5)

Pink Halter JSK
Worn once, for fashion show, and then she quickly changed out of it.
Comes with bow clip. (other accessories can be made for extra cost ^.^)
Bust 32"-34" Chest 30"max Waist 27" max

Strawberry set
Better photo of the bow.
Bust 34"-36" Waist 26"-28"
Can be made smaller.

Bodyline set

Bust 34"-36"
Waist (skirt) 24"-28"
Only worn two times. I could really just like to get rid of it.
It didn't come with a hat. (I can make one for $15)

I'm willing to take simple skirt, accessories, etc commissions. ^.^

I'm considering selling/trading this dress, if there are good offers. I love it, but I don't like how it looks on my bust. I'll sell right away if the over is $200.

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Comments {6}


From: queen_of_poise
Date: Aug. 21st, 2007 04:08 pm (UTC)

Are the blue set and the black and polkadot skirt still availible?
If so, how much would shipping be? (to Topeka, KS, USA)

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From: lolita_lin_lin
Date: Aug. 24th, 2007 04:17 am (UTC)

The blue set is sold, but the skirt is still for sale. ^.^

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From: queen_of_poise
Date: Aug. 24th, 2007 07:04 pm (UTC)

Okie ^^, i want it! How much will shipping be?
And can you wait three-four days for the paypal transfer XD?

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From: lolita_lin_lin
Date: Aug. 24th, 2007 10:00 pm (UTC)

$6 for shipping, and yes I can. Can I have your paypal address to send you an invoice?

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From: queen_of_poise
Date: Aug. 24th, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC)

it is vampiress_gallexea@msn.com
I'll have to give you an alternate address to ship it to (just recently moved) so i'll post it here when I get home and get the address.
Thank you :3!

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From: lolita_lin_lin
Date: Aug. 24th, 2007 10:33 pm (UTC)

Request sent. ^.^

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