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Photo Post ^.^

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May. 19th, 2007 | 08:21 pm
music: Left Hand Suzuki Method - Gorillaz

Now, please let me apologize, the girls are not wearing under shirts. Sorry. Other than accessories my teacher didn't want anything we haven't sewn. Plus I don't think the crowd would have liked the dresses as much. And it was really hot x.x and I felt bad for making the girls wear heavy fabrics I didn't want to make them hotter.
((I'm listening to the runway music, I love this song))

This was my Home Coming dress. Appi looks so lovely in it. I asked her to do her hair like marie antoinette and when I pulled up to pick her up she looked to perfect I was so happy she got the hair right. (this is her first time trying to model.)

This is Shelby, Shes modeled so much I was so happy to have her. And she loved the dress. Its a halter, and I think it looked so cute on her! She also did her hair so cute! Sorry the photo is dark my mom didn't know how to work my camera and I'm to lazy to photo shop it.

Here are all of us, (I'm in the red) My sister is in grey, she did her own make up x.x I told her to have fun with it. Also the shirt I'm wearing I designed for the art fest. ;.; I'm so short.

Heres a bow someone asked me to commission them yesterday. x.x I got it done really fast and felt like it was to simple, so I added little beads. I would ask $20 plus shipping for this. (mostly because the hand beading).

I wanted to take photos of this, but before I was thinking I wrapped it up. So I also took a picture of the wrapping. I thought it was cute. ^.^

Heres the wrapping. ^.^ I love it.

Here it is, sorry its blown out. x.x My flash is picky.

Sorry the duck looks scary. o.o;

Here it is all wrapped up. ^.^

I'm open for commission next month is someone wants something. ^.^ Contact me threw email or IM (info on user page)

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