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(no subject)

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Jul. 7th, 2007 | 12:45 pm

My friend is in town and she's driving me crazy. I mean, we don't have much in common any more. And she does these things like say what ever she just did. Like when she coughs, and then she says "cough". Or when she hiccups she says "hiccup" ._. and she hiccups a lot. She also says shes addicted to everything. x.x I don't know she has a rather small vocabulary. That bothers me. Also she just reminds me of how we acted before she moved... 4 years ago. Shes still obcessed with manga (in a bad way, like I don't mind reading manga, but I don't drop everything and forget to eat to read a crappy manga.) She wont shut up about guys ether. x.x Skinny gay emo guys. And that obviously gay. And then she whines about how all the guys she likes are gay. She follows me around everywhere. So when I get up I have to say what I'm doing so she doesn't follow me. (i.e. I have to say " I gotta go pee" or she will wait out side of the bath room. x.x). SHE WONT EAT! That bothers me soo much. Because we went out and bought all this food so she would eat, but she wont. ._. And her stomach makes all these I'm hungry noises.

She wont let me sleep in the other room ether. I though we could sleep in the same bed, I can't though.

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