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Jan. 12th, 2008 | 12:18 am

I hung out with the guys today. Awesome!

First, I went to Derek's, and no he wasn't there. x.x Piss ass. So I rang the door bell, and had to ask where Cameron's house was. He told me, with a little grief. It was cool though. THEN, well first. o.o Cameron's family has a 16 passenger van, and 9 kid stick figure stickers on it. HOLY DAMN!

So we were there a bit, and his mom makes us eat dinner. Not to be rude, but it was awful. It was stir fry, on wonton noodles. I told her I couldn't eat them because they were wheat, but I felt bad. Then we went to go get Jon, but we got to sing and rock out on the way their. - I'm scared hanging out with them will make me 'one of the guys'. I guess it doesn't matter that much. Then from Jon's we went to coin star, and he got some gum. (YAY!) Then ... Dell Taco. This really made me feel like one of the guys... >.> we ate tacos... it was silly is a way, but way better than the food at Cameron's. We were all singing Queen too. Then... We got frozen yogurt at the golden spoon. I'm so full, and its been hours.

Driving back we took the long way, derek gets out and gets some rocks, I am so glad he did because when we were driving off there was a cop just sitting there. Where no lights were. We could have been speeding.

Cameron is a flirt. At his house while D, and Jonny were playing guitar hero... we were talking. He kept asking to make out. Not with Cameron. He's cool, but not kissable. But at least he's fun to talk to. I don't think I've talked with someone like that in a while.

I suck at guitar hero. Jonny let me play derek, I had trouble playing easy bass. Piss on me. Ya know? I was getting a little better, but It got old. So I went back to sitting with Cameron, Who started banging his head on my knee. ... He flirts weird. He's brother who is like 15 is a flirt too. But... where was I.

To cut things short, We went out side to get in the car, and Cameron's gay ass had to go find a coat, so Derek decides he's going to piss on someone's house. (Guy's are so weird. :/) Jonny, and I turn around, and kinda just stand there. Weird shit dude. Then ... They have rubbing alcohol, and matches and decide to start a fire, and dance in it up where there are no house. Cameron and I just sat in the car... On our way home They were playing Prodigy on the radio (HELL YES!) So derek wanted to dance, but mostly we just hugged when we got out of the car. Long cuddly hug too. It was nice. He's going to call me in a bit.

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